Researching Men’s Unwanted Sexual Experiences in South East England and London

A University of Brighton research project exploring men’s unwanted sexual experiences in South East England and London, in collaboration with Male Survivor Partnership and ManKindUK

About the project

Men’s unwanted sexual experiences (MUSE) – or sexual violence and harassment towards men – are receiving growing attention from charities, academics and policy-makers. A recent survey by the ManKind UK for highlighted that 42% of men have experienced at least one form of unwanted sexual contact in their lives and they rarely seek formal support. Furthermore, since the Covid19 pandemic, referrals to ManKind UK have increased by 95%. However, there remains little documented research on the impact of these experiences on men’s lives in the UK.  

This project aims to explore the barriers men experience when seeking support (both formal and informal) and what unwanted sexual experiences mean for men.  We are researchers at the University of Brighton working in collaboration with ManKindUK to raise awareness of MUSE and better help men find support after unwanted sexual experiences.

Does this include me?

Men’s unwanted sexual experiences can include a lot of things. For example, unwanted flirting and touching at work, at home or in public. It might be pressure from your partner or it could have happened in school or at University and it could have been done by anyone of any gender. See our Unwanted Sexual Experiences page for more information.

We want to speak to men who live in South East England and London, who have had any of these experiences at any point in their life (not just recently), about the reasons they haven’t looked for formal support.

How will we do this?

We will conduct interviews and arts based workshops with men who have experienced unwanted sexual attention and who live in South East England and London (we hope the follow on project will explore this nationally). The interview will take up to an hour and will take place online using Microsoft Teams (video and/or audio) or via email. We are interested in participants’ thoughts about what unwanted sexual experiences mean for men and the different barriers to help seeking.

Participants can chose to be interviewed by Carl or Kirsty. The interview can be done with or without the camera on, or via email/text. The interviews will be fully confidential and you will remain anonymous in any research outputs.

If you want to take part or ask any questions, please get in touch via email or use the contact form.

Email Carl:

Email Kirsty:

For more information about ManKindUK’s 1in6 campaign and the impact of unwanted sexual experiences on men please go to their website:

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